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Milan bares 5 DCCCII thrusts

By Edge Davao

Published on January 28, 2018


Business executive Arturo M. Milan, newly assumed president of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc., identified five thrusts that the DCCCII will pursue under his watch.

The thrusts were bared by Milan in his inaugural speech after he and 14 other new officers of the chamber were inducted by Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio Friday afternoon at the SMX Convention Center of SM Lanang Premier. They are :1) Investments promotion; 2) People mobility and connectivity; 3) Advocacy to level the playing field; 4) Training and development; and 5) Corporate social responsibility.

Milan, who led the chamber in its most successful Investment Conference (ICON) last year, said the DCCCII’s projects and programs along the identified thrusts will be undertaken in partnership with the Davao City government.

Thanking past leaders “who have given their time and effort in bringing the chamber to where it is now,” he said the bigger role of the current crop of chamber leaders “is to advance our business together, hand-in-hand, with the advancement of the community where we belong.”

Investment promotion

He said we need to further spur business and economy of Davao by inviting partners and investors in the fields of agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and information and Communication Technology to generate more jobs for the Dabawenyos. “I believe these are the areas that will bring the most benefit for all of us and these are areas where we can excel because of the talents of our people and the natural resources that our region-is blessed with,” Milan added.

People mobility and connectivity

“We are living in a smaller world, due to advances in technology, transportation and logistics. Trade and exchange of goods and services must be pushed through better people mobility and connectivity. We need to lead the way in encouraging regional tourism among our neighboring countries by expanding international flights from and to Davao City.”
   Business advocacy initiatives

“As business leaders, he said “we have the partners and we have the influence; we have to utilize this to promote various business advocacy initiatives to level the playing field and encourage more businesses to thrive. We have to encourage for the payment of correct taxes to government while helping government enhance the ease of doing business, patronise local products and businesses, improve basic infrastructure such as roads and bridges, airports and seaports — all doing this while ensuring the protection of the environment.”
  Training and development initiatives

Technology and knowledge these days change with blistering speed, Milan said, “We have to keep up to be competitive and relevant. So we have to maximize training and development initiatives geared towards helping our members especially in the Micro, small and medium sector so they become successful in their businesses.”

Corporate social responsibility

He said “we have to realize that we are part of a bigger community. And that as  a business, we need to ensure that in our success, no one is left behind.”  Milan said the chamber has  to put corporate social responsibility – at the center of everything we do. Business is not only about business but also giving back to the communities as part of business,” he said.

Best partner 

He said that in the chamber, “we can never ask for a better partner than the Davao City Government and we are looking forward to working with Mayor Sara and her team in achieving common objectives especially in terms of business and economic progress. We are here to fully support the city government, and work for the City of Davao.”

“Davao is in the spotlight. We are in the spotlight. Let us grab this opportunity to LEAD, ENGAGE, and INSPIRE. TOWARDS AN INCLUSIVE CHAMBER and Davao community.”- Milan on DCCCII 50th anniversary.


Source: https://edgedavao.net/the-big-news/2018/01/28/milan-bares-5-dcccii-thrusts/

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